Assembled Bathroom Cabinets

When you’re designing your bathroom, you want it to be perfect. You want the perfect bathroom cabinets in the perfect colors but finding something that exactly fits your vision is not easy. That’s where That Cabinet Company comes in. We offer an extensive selection of bathroom cabinets in several colors for all remodeling projects. Even better, our cabinets are high quality, real wood at an affordable price. We’re here to make your project a little easier, which is what makes us the best.

Why Assembled Bathroom Cabinets?

Buying assembled bathroom cabinets will save you a lot of time in your remodeling process. When your cabinets come assembled, all you have to do is install them where you want in your bathroom. That Cabinet Company offers cabinets for bathroom vanities and linen closets, as well as sink base cabinets. No matter what ideas you have in mind for your bathroom, That Cabinet Company has something that’ll fit your vision perfectly.

Designing your Bathroom

Finding vanities for bathroom mirrors and bathroom furniture can be tricky, so when you’re first getting bathroom cabinet ideas, browse the selection on our website to see what might work best. Think about if you want a specific color scheme, or the style of cabinets you want for your bathroom furniture. We offer many different styles of cabinets, all in multiple colors, so you’re guaranteed to find something that fits. If you want to be extra sure you can order samples of your selected cabinets. Seeing the cabinets in person will allow you to make a more informed decision.

Why Buy Cabinets from That Cabinet Company?

At That Cabinet Company, we care about quality. All our cabinets are made with high quality wood while still being affordable. We care about you and your shopping experience with us. We’re family owned and operated, so we hope we can make you feel like part of the family when you shop with us. We guarantee that no matter what cabinets you choose for your bathroom, you’ll be getting a quality product that you’ll love. Take a look at our selection and get your next project started with us today!


What’s the difference between RTA and assembled cabinets?
RTA stands for ready to assemble – the cabinets come to you in pieces that you then assemble and install yourself. Assembled cabinets come to you put together and you install them from there.
What tools do I need for installing assembled cabinets?
To install your cabinets, you’ll need a stud finder, a pencil, a power screwdriver, and a level
Where to buy quality assembled bathroom cabinets?
You can buy quality bathroom cabinets from That Cabinet Company online.
What types of assembled bathrooms can I buy?
That Cabinet Company offers vanity sink base cabinets, with several options for door and drawer configurations, and linen utility cabinets.
What material is best for bathroom cabinets?
Wood is the best material for bathroom cabinets. All bathroom cabinets from That Cabinet Company are made with real wood.