RTA Kitchen Cabinets

10x10 Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen is tough. Do you go with the more elaborate designs or the simple shaker cabinets? What color should you pick? Should you buy RTA cabinets or assembled cabinets? That Cabinet Company makes shopping for cabinets easy with several colors and styles of cabinets to choose from. There is a cabinet for every kitchen, and That Cabinet Company is here to help you find it.

How to Choose the Right Cabinets

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets can be an overwhelming task, but That Cabinet Company makes it much easier. Not only is it easy to see which cabinets are available on the website, but they offer a design service that allows you to see how the cabinets will look in your kitchen. In addition, you can order samples of cabinets to see how they look in real life, allowing you to make a more informed decision.

RTA vs. Assembled

Now the question is should you pick RTA or assembled kitchen cabinets. RTA kitchen cabinets have a plethora of great qualities that make them an excellent choice. They’re much cheaper than assembled cabinets. Even That Cabinet Company’s cheapest assembled cabinet option is $320 more than their cheapest RTA option. They ship easier than assembled cabinets on account of their shipping in flat boxes, and when they arrive, they’re easy to install. You still have several different options to choose from and they are the same quality as the assembled cabinets.

Types of Cabinets

That Cabinet Company has cabinets that fit with any and all kitchen styles. Choose shaker style cabinets if you want your kitchen to have a simple, streamlined look, or choose a more elaborate style for a kitchen that offers both fashion and function. Both styles can be both wall cabinets and pantry cabinets, you just have to choose what will fit your kitchen. What’s more, That Cabinet Company offers RTA kitchen cabinets, meaning your cabinets come to you with all the pieces to assemble. Don’t worry if you’re not handy with tools, That Cabinet Company has assembly videos to help you along.


Why should I buy RTA kitchen cabinets?
You should buy RTA kitchen cabinets because they’re cost-effective, easy to ship and install, come in several colors and designs, and are the same quality as assembled cabinets.
Where can I buy RTA kitchen cabinets?
You can buy RTA kitchen cabinets online from That Cabinet Company’s website.
How do I assemble RTA kitchen cabinets?
That Cabinet Company has RTA Cabinet assembly instruction videos to help you!.
Where to buy RTA kitchen cabinets online?
You can buy beautiful RTA cabinets online from That Cabinet Company. Choose from all kinds of kitchen cabinets with colors that will fit in any kitchen.
Are RTA cabinets real wood?
Yes, all of our RTA cabinets are real, quality wood.
Are RTA cabinets cheaper than assembled cabinets?
RTA cabinets are cheaper than assembled cabinets because the assembly costs have been eliminated. The least expensive RTA cabinet is $320 cheaper than the least expensive assembled cabinet.